Student & Academics

Manage student information and academic records perfectly.

Student Management

  • Complete profile of student and parents.
  • Keep Complete Record of Student.
  • Store all student documents online.
  • Student Clubs & Student Groups
  • Generate ID Cards & Certificates
  • Analysis Reports


  • Examination and Result Processing
  • Online Result
  • Daily & Period-wise Attendance Recording
  • Attendance Record
  • Attendance Reports
  • Symbol Number System
  • Assignment System

Examination & Result

  • Admit Card Generation
  • Custom Result Design
  • Exam Routine Preparation & Publishing
  • Result Processing
  • Online Result
  • Mark Ledger Export
  • Result Analysis

Student & Academics

Manage student information and academic records perfectly.

Subject Management

  • Compulsory & Elective Subject
  • Subject Groups
  • Subject Master with Subject Code
  • Elective Subject Selection

Course / Lesson Plan

  • Subject Chapter Setup
  • Course Plan Preparation
  • Adding Materials to Subject and Chapters
  • Course Plan Clone and Reports

Assignment System

  • Teachers can provide assignment to students.
  • Deadline based assignment.
  • Assignment Submission and Re-submission.
  • Comments in the assignment.
  • Assignment Submission Report

University Grants Commission and QAA

Maintain and implement all the features required by the Univerisity Grants Commission under QAA Process.

University Examination

  • University Examination Marks & Result Recording
  • Import Facility of Marks
  • Symbol Number Update for Single / Multiple Examination
  • Reports

QAA Report

  • Complete Graduate Profile
  • Annual Profile
  • Other necessary reports.

Fees & Finance

Get your finances in order. Complete Fees and Accounts Management.

Fees Management

  • Invoices Generation and Payments
  • Payment Reminders
  • Discounts and Scholarships
  • Due and Statement Reports
  • Daily Collection Reports and Daily Closing System
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Donation Collection
  • Fees Forecasting Report
  • Integration with Accounts


  • Double Entry Book Keeping System
  • Timeless Accounting
  • Vouchers Entry
  • Statements and Reports
  • Detailed Transaction Search
  • Transaction Cancellation


  • Vehicle & Route Setup
  • Group, Route based Fee Charging
  • Bus Stop Change History
  • Integration with Fees & Account

HR & Payroll

Complete records of staff, attendances and payroll based on rules of Nepal Government


  • Complete Employee Profile( Skills & Competencies, Personal, Position and Level Detais)
  • Employee Document Upload and Storage
  • Recruitment Process
  • Leave Management
  • Goals and Performance Management
  • Career Development, Succession Planning
  • Learning & Learning Management
  • Health & Safety


Manage your payroll tasks in time and easily.

  • Payment Heads & Allowances Setup
  • Payment Type setup
  • Salary Sheet and Pay Slip
  • Provident Fund, Gratuity & Others Funds
  • Occasional Deduction and Addition
  • Account Statement
  • Attendance and Other Reports

Library & Inventory

Manage your library and Inventory effectively and keep the records accurately.


Get the library in order with accurate records, circulation, damage records and fines

  • Book Group, Book Records and Book Import
  • Dewey Decimal Categorization & Managmement
  • Barcode Label, Spine Label Generation & Printing
  • Book Inventory Reports
  • Check-in and Checkout & Reservation
  • Circulation Reports
  • Fine Setup and Fine Allocation
  • Fine Integration with Fees
  • Library Log


Maintain accurate records of Inventory purchase, usage, sales and damages and stop leakages.

  • Product, Product Group and Product Class
  • Unit of Measures
  • Receipt, Delivery, Rejections, Internal Transfer
  • Requision & Indents
  • Vendors and Vendor Profile
  • Vendor Statement, Student / Customer Statement
  • Inventory Reports, Vendor-wise Reports
  • Integration with Accounting


Get all administration process and records maintained properly and accurately. Maintain good level of required control over all process of the organization.

User Management

  • Ability to create, update, activate, deactivate users.
  • Role based access control
  • Control over granular level information which role gets what permission.
  • Ability to assign multiple roles to a user.
  • Ability to assign auto expiring role

Action & Audit Logs

  • Keep logs of users activity including IP Address, browser signatures and other security details.
  • Keep logs of what has been changed in the database.
  • Detailed report on who did what on the system.

Communication & Alerts

Get on top of effective communication with students, employees and parents with sms, email and mobile app.


  • Ability to send sms to students, parents and outsiders
  • Contact Group and Contacts Management / Imports
  • Integration with SMS API
  • SMS Sending Logs
  • Ability to configure sending sms on bill payments
  • Due bill sending via sms


  • Notice Publishing
  • Notice view counts and reports
  • Popup Notice
  • Important, Urgent Notices


  • Email integration with the system.
  • Sending notice emails.
  • Sending Invoice Emails.
  • Integration of emails everywhere.